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SE-12 solid phase extraction

Product Numbers: SE-12

Product description: The solid phase extraction SE-12 is mainly used in sample pretreatment. It is used for extracting semi-volatile or non-volatile chemical compound, removal of impurities which interfering compartment analysis from the liquid samples, as well as dealing solid samples which can dissolve in solvent before processing. It makes sample high recovery and high efficiency. Save experimental time and labor.


Product Features

1. Good seal, strong consistency, avoid cross-contamination, vacuum slot antifogging designed.

2. No phase separation makes analyte collection and small volume sample handling simple and easy.

3. Can be equipped with the bulk storage collector. Both batch and individual sample processing are available.

4. Extra firm glass die forming the vacuum slot assures the even capacity which can bear high negative pressure over 90Kpa.

5. The extraction column tray is made of extra high molecule material, elegant appearance and corrosion-resistant, no transformation in long term high pressure.





Sample Capacity

10mm x 12

12mm x 12

15mm x 12

(individual controlling is available)

Vacuum Pressure


Vacuum Degree




1. Vacuum pressure used for the SE-12 should not above 0.1Mpa.

2. The solid phase extraction column should be connected with the port in place. If the system always cannot reach the setting pressure, please check each joint and the sealing gasket.

3. Make sure the glass components keep in horizontal level during the whole operation.

4. The system is built with 12 switches to control each flow valve individually. Please close the flow valve that does not being used to keep the system pressure.

5. The negative pressure of the system should always under -0.09Mpa.



The solid phase extraction is applied in environmental water quality analysis, food safety analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, bioengineering industries, etc.

-  Analysis of pesticide residues: water, soil, food, etc.

-  Environmental analysis: the trace of copper in water, chalk interfering substance in pesticides, organics in air, etc.

-  Food analysis: vegetables, fruits, frumentum, oil, fish, etc.

-  Biopharmaceutical analysis: serum, blood, plasma, urine, etc.

-  Drink analysis: fruit juice, wine, etc.

-  Veterinary drug residue analysis



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